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How big is your CI website?

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Big is obviously ambiguous and requires some clarification. For the sake of this 'Lounge' discussion lets say it can be anything you think is impressive. Visitor numbers, sales, number of pages, whatever you think will win the title of 'Biggest website' award. (Not that there is actually one - but just for chit chat, lets call it the 'My CI is bigger than your CI' award! 

We will take it on trust that you are not lying, so a URL is not required. The website HAS to be based on CI.

I will make the first 3 entries, although I fully expect these categories to be beaten. Feel free to create your own categories.

- Biggest registered user base: ~600 users (ok, not necessarily regular users).
- Biggest Sales: £30k in August 2015 (that was an exceptionally good month)
- Biggest no. visitors: 3500 unique visitors in June 2015

So how big are your CI websites?


not my website obviously, but according to a tweet from Phil Sturgeon a year ago:
"CTO of Uber (my new boss) just casually mentioned at the dinner table that Uber made their first $25mil on a PHP/CodeIgniter stack."

so if anyone tells you codeigniter can't scale -- ask them if they have heard of Uber :-)

My first and biggest project was (and still is) a website for a tourism agency called Europa Travel (europatravel.ro) which has 7000 sessions in a bad day.

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