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Tendoo CMS: How to use GroceryCRUD
(This post was last modified: 12-08-2015, 08:39 AM by Blair2004.)

He after releasing the previous tutorial about how to get the latest release of tendoo CMS and how to use Google Graph API, here we go with a new tutorial about how to embed GroceryCRUD on tendoo CMS.
Does it sound diffiult ? Not at all...

Yesterday i have just created GroceryCRUD module for Tendoo CMS available here. so what ?

1. Before All Install this module

All you have to do, is to download this module from Github repository.

[Image: download_zip.png]

Don't worry i have made all necesary to ensure compatibility with github zip file.

[Image: install_the_zip.png]

Now activate it from module screen.

[Image: enable_the_module.png]

2. Create your module

Maybe you missed it, but i have written a tutorial about how to create a module on Tendoo CMS. All you have to do, is to follow those steps. You'll later need to require a module to be active before using it.

3. Your first controller

Here we go.

PHP Code:
class Sample_Plugin extends CI_Model
$this->events->add_action'load_dashboard', array( $this'load_dashboard' ) );
         * Register Controller
       function load_dashboard()
$this->gui->register_page'foo', array( $this'foo' ) );
         *  foo Controller
       function foo()
                // Init CRUD
                $crud = new grocery_CRUD();
                $data = array( 'crud' => $crud );
                $this->load->view'../modules/sample_plugin/views/crud'$data );

4. Creating a view file

In order to use properly Tendoo CMS, you should try to handle his GUI library. This part is also explained on how to create a module. Here is a little tutorial about.

PHP Code:

$this->gui->add_meta( array(
'namespace' => 'sample_data',
'type' => 'box',
'col_id' => 1,
'title' => __'Sample Data' )
) );

$this->gui->add_item( array(
'type' => 'dom',
'content' => $crud->output
), 'sample_data');


Make sure to follow instructions provided here to handle GroceryCRUD library.
And that all...

Please Report if you see any bug just like this which has been fixed.

Oh, here is a screenshort of grocegryCRUD working on Tendoo Smile
[Image: d966772a-bd5d-4990-b122-d3e8fe6027e3.png]

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