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Modular Extensions - (HMVC) - Version 3.1.9

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
Me in use nodule This To write pavilion module Go after ever parceled up. Set when add a module Or disengaged Give up a nodule To easiness hơn. Pose is become I wish each a module When design acquire severalty.

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
Mode: plugins

Me no understand. Tongue

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
Big Grin. i want a module directory have directory private.


[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
I've đvided the project into smaller packages
Each package contents a processing module

These packages can be added pr removed without making any harmful to the project

Therefore, for its own compnents, I would like to put them in a folder which consists of: controller, model, views, language, etc.

when a module is loaded, there's a need to use one of those components.
For example, controller load views
I would like all other components such as Model, language, etc to be the same.

so youi try to take a module from modules directory and place it in the controllers folder? do you have a default controller or a catch all? for modules? what is your current configuration? please paste some files if you have to

I need Your help.

I'am trying to build an app onto the modular extensions. I've got the default controller and the modules controller running.

How do I load language files from inside my module libraries / models ?


Until now I used :
$this->CI =& get_instance();

But now, with the language files ranged inside the modules ?

This thread is really old, But make sure you are using the most current version of Modular Extensions.

Then just $this->load->language from within the module. However if you need to use a Module language from a Controller then move the language file to application/languages.

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