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Modular Extensions - (HMVC) - Version 3.1.9

Thanks for Your fast reply.

1. old thread -> where to post then ?
2. I'am using version: 4.0.26 © Wiredesignz 2008-03-25, downloaded today from the WIKI.

Loading from inside the module controller works, I'd just like to load from inside the library.

The only available method of loading a module language file is from the module controller.

[quote author="wiredesignz" date="1204043107"]Check php.ini
allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off

Yes this is an issue, I will fix the code. Thanks... check the wiki soon.[/quote]
I'm running into this error outside of this extension...nothing to do with ME. Do you happen to recall what the issue was and what you did to fix it?

No errors, everything is OK. Thanks!

But there is an issue:

A Module has an install function w/ 'CREATE TABLE' -- the module has its own table that can be dropped if to uninstall the module.

That means if I uninstall the module, but someone wants to visit its public page (which doesn't exist now), he sees:
Quote:A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1146
Table '***' doesn't exist
SELECT `pageid`, `parent_id`, etc.

What is the best way to avoid this message and redirect the visitors to the Error page?

Or should I have an empty table with the uninstalled Module?


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