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Tendoo CMS : v3.0.4 Released

we've published the 3.0.4 release already. Many bug has beend fixed, we still developping this tools to turn it into a more powerfull tools for Codeigniter Developper.

What's Tendoo Usefull for ?

It's not just a CMS, it's a tool which provide feature to launch a web project quickly. Yes ! there are many tools out there, but why Tendoo is so special ?

Can you imagine how much CodeIgniter Libraries are available out there ? When you're trying to merge one library and discover later that it's not the most suitable library, and then comes the time to remove that library from you projet. You have to know exactly where all files from that library has been copied (within application folder), if you have several libraries included into your CodeIgniter installation, it will be difficult to remove then quickly, That's where Tendoo is useful, this tools help you to create package of libraries. During installation, all files from that libraries which should be added to reserved folder (libraries, models, config, language..) are moved and a manifest file is created. With his UI, it will be easy to remove that library in just one click. If you're working in a local server, you also have a feature which help you to extract (as zip) an entire library.

What else ?

Hooks : as WordPress developper, i would like to bring all usefull feature from that CMS into Tendoo, that's why "hooks" (in that WordPress way), has been included in that projet, this ensure better performance and flexibility.

I have seen beautifull projet out there such as CI3_Bootstrap, but they seems uncomplete.

Want to get involved ?

We still trying to give awesome feature to Tendoo CMS. the next step is to let it handle frontend (because since now it' used only for WebApps).

To get started, you can :

Learn how to create a module

Require a dependency module to be active

Stay tuned with latest development measures

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Sorry for my english, i'm a french developper guy...

Cheers... !!!
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