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Which web hosting to use

(06-17-2020, 05:02 AM)alfred0809 Wrote: AWS  is really good to use...
I do agree with you. As, AWS is among the top 3 hosting providers available in the industry. Perhaps, the best hosting provider. I personally used it for the hosting of some of my websites on PHP, Codeigniter, Wordpress websites, etc. Just, few days back I used the managed AWS server for hosting of Magento store. So, I always recommend AWS to everyone.

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I use NameCheap.com hosting for all my clients and personal website.

Really like their Managment Plans and Add-ons.
They saved me much of times when I did bad things and my servers stoped working)

I still use Vultr for my pages Big Grin

(02-24-2019, 09:02 PM)muchiman Wrote: Well, I would advise going for Hostgator web hosting! They have good support and fewer server errors!
Were you able to install CI4 on the shared hosting plan from hostgator?

i started a web couple of years ago with freehosting.host they told me I am the only accountfrom freehosting left now, they closed all others due to abuse.
freehosting was part of https://www.site.com.br/

Servers are in USA

Basically i upgraded my account i still log in with a url freehosting but basically freehosting doesn't exist now my space is on https://www.site.com.br servers in USA .

I still have support from technicians that were allocated to me time of freehost.

The support and up-time has been exceptional.The only downside is that occasionally i get communication from them in Portuguese. I did try A2 hosting and found it relatively expensive and downtime not uncommon
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 

Arch Book

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Hi, i currently use unoeuro since i am living in Europe and my main target group resides here as well. I can recommend this one as it is cheap and easy to setup.

Besides have thought of using Wordy to help fix my grammar and make my points go straight through without any interference.
I think their website is this: wordy.com

For webhosting i mainly look as the price versus the support that they can provide. If aren't a very technical person, then i'll recommend using a webhost with a bit more support to help you in times of need.

It's not always going to be an issue, but when it's an issue, then it's probably a big issue. Because if it wasn't then you probably would not have noticed anything.

Look through different review sites, their Google and Facebook. Hope this is usefull information

Well, i still use HawkHost. Because my money is only enough for this hosting

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I think bluehost is a nice thing
By the way, you can go for best hidden spy apps for android to watch your business enemy hosting service.
If his website is going well you probably will be able to watch what exact hosting service he is using!

Guys I want to know what you think about Cloudflare. I am working with some friends on a project and we are now on Cloudflare (we use the free plan of course: D) in my opinion our site performance is not to good since we moved to Cloudflare. I would like to mention that the site has no errors.

Is your profile homepage = your website?

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