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no segment, how redirect 404 ?

Hi everyone,

I searched my answers on this forum and google, but no success. 
I have a simply route like : customer/card/1 but if i try it with a wrong id like : customer/card/19999999 i have php error. So i would like to redirect to 404 page if ID doesn't exist but how can I do it ?

Thanks a lot for your answer and your help.

Your project routes never know about 19999999 is in your project(database).
So all you have to do is catch those with controller

In customer Controller

    public function card($value)
        # then here write an select Query
        $result = $this->model_name->check_value($value);
        if ($result == false) {
            # Show 404 page. I you have created custom page in view, Then use load->view().
            # If not use default
            # Continue with your rest of code

In Model

    public function check_value($value)
        $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE filed = $value ");
        $result = $query->result_array();

        $count = count($result);

        if (empty($count)) {
            return false;
            return true;

Ok I understand now. Thanks a lot for your help Aabdullacool04.

Be sure to properly validate your input! Although you process a _GET variable which should be validated by the permitted_ui_chars in your config but if by some fuck-up gets changed to allow all chars you are in trouble.

In this case I would simply type cast the $value to an integer. Or use query bindings to escape the value in your query like in the example below.

Also if you are just interested in knowing if a record with some field value exists, dont't use "select *", but "select 1".

PHP Code:
public function check_value($value)
       $sql    "SELECT 1 FROM table_name WHERE field = ? ";
       $query  $this->db->query($sql, array($value) );

       $result $query->result_array();

       if (empty($result)) {
           return false;

       return true;


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