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A post from android with data gives 404 error

(This post was last modified: 02-16-2016, 04:33 AM by keulu.)

ahhhh you want to work with the RESTfull API


so your method can't be named just "post",

try "index_post" or what you want.

you need a controller who extend REST_Controller called as you want (Api for example)

PHP Code:
class Api extends REST_Controller {
   function user_get()
       // respond with information about a user

   function user_post()
       // update user

   function user_put()
       // create user

   function user_delete()
       // delete user

all that routes is only one Route


afeter that, routing on method depend how you send data,

jQuery :: $ajax.post(), $ajax.delete() etc...

OKay my bad, don't read as well...

did you try to put an index.php in your url ? maybe is just the apache mod_rewrite who don't work or maybe an nginx directive who's missing

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