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Introduction to CodeIgniter 4 Blog Posts

Been a while since I made a post, so here's the first in a 2-party series about using Entities (part of the Repository pattern) in CI 4, and how the Model already does the heavy lifting for you.

Using Entities In CodeIgniter 4

And here's the follow up on using Entities in CI4, which builds out a base class that allows a lot of flexibility and capability for your own objects.

Better Entities in CodeIgniter 4

Good explanation of entities & CI4 Smile
James Parry
Project Lead

It will be good if we have such examples / explanations in the primary documentation of the framework.
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Hey @kilishan,

When you have time and is appropriate, I'd love to see something on views/templates/incorporating template engines and stuff of that sort.

I'm not sure how to go about it, but some sort of introduction for those who haven't dipped a toe into namespaces, composer, etc (and how that will affect CI4) would be really nice, I suspect there will be a barrage of questions along those lines when v4 comes out and people start trying to create with it.

Also, appreciate the blog posts. They've been very helpful.
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Excellent!! Eagerly waiting to see codeigniter 4. All the best. [Image: thumbsup.gif]

Whew! Been a while, but development is still going strong. A new blog post out discussing changes to the View Parser, which is seeing massive upgrades in CI4.

Upgrading the Parser

Since I had earlier posts talking about Entities in CI4, I should mention that they've since become first-class citizens in the framework, though they are not required at all. They just make a certain style of development that was previously supported simpler and more powerful. Here's a link to the page in the user guide about it, since I'm not planning on re-writing that as a blog post:

Working With Entities

Thanks kilishan,

Nice read and examples.
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I'm glad to see articles about CI4 coming out. I'm looking forward to spreading good news about CI4 and letting everyone else know that CI is here to stay.

I'm a HUUUUUGGGGEE fan of CI. I continue to use it to do awesome things and I am gearing up to start contributing to the community in a more useful way. I want to help get the word out about CI and it's future.

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