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sqlsrv/pdo massive update fails


I'm using CI 3.0.5 with a SQL Server 2008 database and the sqlsrv driver. When I try to execute from a CI model some write query affecting many rows to a specific table it doesn't do nothing.

- $this->db->insert_batch('GT_CalendariProfessional', $data); where $data have arround 200 rows.
- $this->db->where_in("CalendariProfessionalId", $ids)->update("GT_CalendariProfessional", array($data); where $ids have arround 200 rows.

If I output the generated SQL (last_query()) and execute this directly to the database it works as expected.

Some background:
- The table have a trigger. If I disable the trigger the SQL works again.
- The same happened with CI 3.0.3
- The same happens using pdo driver.

Is it a bug?

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