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Dependencies - A Real Life Cautionary Tale

'No regrets' says chap who felled JavaScript's Jenga tower

"Yes, code reuse is a virtue, but dependency addiction is a sin."

NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program?

"The more dependencies you take on, the more points of failure you have."

Yes it really terrible and when the dependencies is out of date or no longor maintained. But when develop an apps in your local pc, it is safer to cd into your apps path and use flag --save to add dependency into package.json. It also will put the installed package into node_modules folder inside your apps folder. So when transferring apps folder to live server, no longor worried about apps dependency. But for first time install like using express generator anything bad could happen if the dependency is pull of from NPM.
Keep calm.

They were great links, very interesting read.

I fall on the side of liking the use of shared code. A function might be only five lines long, but the effort that went into creating it is not reflected in the length, and some short snippets are incredibly clever, or thoughtful, or efficient.

The use of dependencies though, in a jenga tower collapse of relationships, causing system failures is (from a wry outside perspective) quite funny. As Azer Koçulu put it himself, his actions will only make the entire system stronger in the long run. It was bound to happen eventually.

I support him entirely. He was absolutely right to remove all his stuff.

Thanks for sharing - I was feeling a bit bored but really enjoyed those articles.


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