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What are your must-have libraries in almost every CI install?

For me my must-have libraries are:

Grocery CRUD http://www.grocerycrud.com/ (with Bootstrap template)
Ion_auth  http://benedmunds.com/ion_auth/

Obviously each project is different but what libraries do you go for?

(Yes, this is a thinly disguised attempt to discover new and awesome libraries)


Not mine, but here is a great list of some fabulous resources:


Personally, there are no libraries I use by default. Not that I think this is admirable or good, just the way it is. I have played with CRUD but never use it in reality.

The only exception is I do have my own auth library but to be honest it changes significantly from use to use.


The Libraries I use are:

Auth (users, roles, access)
Events (Events)
O (named after Orange Framework - some wrappers around helpers and a few extra methods)
Package Manager (package installer, uninstaller, migrations, etc...)
Page (Templating and Assets)
Validate (form validation but better - uses the folder of validation traits)
Wallet (session + some extras)


Don Myers

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For me :
TendooCMS http://github.com/blair2004/tendoo-cms/ which ship
- CodeIgniter 3.0.6
- POparser
- Auth (User, roles, Groups)
- Modules with version handling
- AdminLTE for the dashboard
- CodeIgniter RestServer

NexoPOS 2.6.2 available on CodeCanyon.

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