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Codeigniter Simple Template Library

(This post was last modified: 05-22-2016, 10:56 AM by allenlee.)

I am glad you like it!  Heart

If the CSS or Javascript snippet are loaded by every pages, I usually put them in the style.css or script.js

It is useful for programmings like to hard-coding CSS and Javascript snippet in Controllers, just for styling single page or a few pages.

For example, I hard-coding those CSS only for login and register page in User Controller.

[Image: 4OTFgkD.png]


[Image: fsqvwmx.png]

If anyone don't like hard-coding, it can be loaded from View as a varible.

PHP Code:
// Load view into a variable for importing CSS
// /views/css/user_page_css.php
$css_text $this->load->view('css/user_page_css'''true);

I think it is convenient to use.  Blush
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