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In Codeigniter, Twig project to output ALL errors


In Codeigniter 3.1.0-dev, Twig 1.24.0 project if in twig code there is syntax error or not found included file the flow is stopped with error visible.
But on some errors , like calling of nonexisting method of component or nonexisting variable there is no error message on screen, the error is ignored. If there is a mode to show ALL errors?

twig is included to project as library https://github.com/kenjis/codeigniter-ss-twig:

PHP Code:
        $twig_config = array();
        $twig_Environment $this->twig->getTwig();
        echo '<pre>$this->twig::'.print_r($this->twig,true).'</pre>';
        echo '<pre>$twig_Environment::'.print_r($twig_Environment,true).'</pre>'

In output of 1st var I see:

PHP Code:
 [debug:protected] => 

I read docs here : http://twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/api.html and see

Quote:The following options are available:
    debug boolean
    When set to true, the generated templates have a __toString() method that you can use to display the generated nodes (default to false).

Also I read docs on sandbox extension, But looks that is not I need...

  Thanks !

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