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[SOLVED] CI 3.1.0 ImageMagick not working

(08-24-2016, 02:58 AM)Narf Wrote:
(08-23-2016, 04:00 PM)cartalot Wrote: The server is Linux Apache running PHP 5.6
i'm using CI_VERSION 3.2.0-dev

Seriously, for the Nth time - stop using the develop branch. It is NOT stable, of course you'll have problems with it.

Ok then lets download and try the official 3.1.0 link from the home page and use that system. And it does not work. It gives the error message that the path to the image library is not correct.

Then lets download the 3.1 'stable' branch from Github and use that system. And that version does not even do the upload and it does not return any errors - it just gives a white screen. That situation is why earlier this month I started using 3.2.0 dev because it does not have the upload issue.

So again the only fix i found that did work for getting ImageMagick to work was what was posted above by John Betong. And going into more details for anyone that is interested - the reason that I had to switch over to ImageMagick is that GD2 - which is the default -  does not convert PNG files to JPG. You can do 'new_image' and add the .jpg and it will look like everything is working, but its does not actually convert the file format and the images are huge file sizes.

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