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is codeigniter 4 will have standar user authentication like fuel php.

No, this has been discussed everywhere and it's pretty much set in stone.
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

I do not speak for CI but the answer I believe is no. The feeling seems to be that since different auth systems work in very different ways, and there are already tons of libraries of all sorts to do this sort of thing which can be easily implemented, that it should be considered a tool for the CI toolbox, not part of the toolbox itself (to continue a poor analogy).

Personally, I definitely have a foot in both camps, and can see arguments on both sides. I think my personal preference is that it should be part of the core framework, and I feel the same should apply to a template engine. That the CI team should select what they think is the best third party solution today, and implement that and ship it as part of the default install, ready to use out of the box. I think this would be very good for CI, and very very useful to newbies and less expert users like myself.

However, as I said, I can see the arguments against and they do make sense. Just not enough to completely persuade me that it is the right decision.

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I believe the final decision was not to implement it however, I'd suggest for a reevaluation. The "demand" is there and the CI team isn't recognizing it.

I've implemented authentication and authorizations using a couple of vendor libraries and they're very buggy, have weird implementations and very open for project abandonment. Not to mention other developers use other vendors and I use another vendor that they don't know how to use. In turn, missing out deadlines for a very simple but tedious feature to implement. Oh the pain!
Long live CodeIgniter!

Personally, for the sake of CI's future uptake, I agree with you and really believe it is needed. Otherwise things like the very competent and interesting Fuel (and many, many others) will start to look very attractive in comparison.

I downloaded and tested Fuel following reading the above OP, and it does have tons of great stuff in it out of the box. Their SimpleAuth and Ormauth are great, and they allow multiple auth methods to run at once, so you can more easily have a twitter, facebook or site login. Their views can be overridden with a whole host of major template libraries too. Both auth and templates talk to the core through a common schema that makes the core not care who or where the auth is done, or how the views are presented. It is very clever actually. And they allow HMVC out of the box, if you want to use it. Which I think CI could have added quite easily with something like wiredesignz HMVC. Anyway, enough about all that. Just one users opinions about what I think would help to give CI a competitive edge in the framework wars.

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I am of the opinion of an Authentication feature be included in CI4. However much CI has left developers to idealize the authentication mechanism, security is way too significant to be left to a developers implementation noting the fact that newbies will be on the receiving end in determining the best practices to go with this. In my opinion if CI4 is to be respected as an enterprise supporting framework it should not shy from this.

for authentication we need database connections and tables as well. it make codeigniter difficult to install for beginner. but the best solution is codegniter should maintain and publish as external library. and update it as well.

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We will NOT maintain and publish any external authentication library, nor update it!
We will make it as easy as we can for you to incorporate your choice for an external authentication library.
External == maintained, published and updated by someone else Smile

I do agree with the choice of not including authentication with CI4, however maybe an appendix in the documentation listing a few popular libraries and URL's would be good.

Even a example of how to best integrate say hybridauth on the codeigniter github wiki would be nice.

i understand the reasons not to implement authentication into CI4 but have to say that in the long term it would really benefit codeigniters userbase to have its own authentication library (maybe as third party library like ionAuth / tankAuth or communityAuth).

if you search github for php auth libraries there arent too many highly active ones.
i guess its because most frameworks bring their own and there isnt too much need for external auth libs.
or i just didnt find the good ones. (codeigniter auth libs are among the most popular btw)

the one i tried is phpauth. its easy to implement but it needs its own database config/connection and a session table in the database.
i guess most external auth libs will require this. so you will end up with 2 database connections and 2 session tables.
i am not too experienced and cant tell if that's a problem or you can just go with it (?)

that said, are there any php auth libraries you can recommend?

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