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Green Geeks hosting

I am new with Codeigniter and I want release my first project in production. I am looking for a shared hosting service for my application.
I like eco friendly things, so I thought in Green Geeks. 
Do they support Codeigniter? Do you have any experience with CI in a Green Geeks shared hosting? 

Thank you in advance.


I truly don't believe in those greeny things.
It looks more as a marketing idea than real "Green".

How ever .. if they provide you with server with PHP (5.5+ is recommended) you can run CodeIgniter on it.
Best VPS Hosting : Digital Ocean

for Codeigniter - they don't need to "support" codeigniter - you can use any hosting company that supports PHP. they look interesting for sure. did a quick google search and they started offering PHP 7 in January which is respectable.
and they took the time to explain to their customers why its important.

i did some quick checking on web hosting talk and found positive reviews. thanks for posting about them, if you use them let us know how it goes.

I was with them like 2 or 3 years ago that means they seem to be a solid company and I remember that their price wasn't bad for the service.

I moved out not because they are bad but just because they didn't fit my needs anymore. Plus they were having a misleading campaing which is very comon in USA companies which is offering a domain but then try to lock it and trying to squeeze money from the transfer out. I managed to get my domain out of them without paying but I had to go through several support tickets and I was really stressed because it was an important domain to me.

After that I never mixed again domain company with hosting company. I have absolute control over my domains and I have hosting always on other companies. I am trying to get a decent VPS to run all my websites but it's not easy for someone that is not sysadmin... Sad

The bottom line is: always have full control of your domains. later you will probably change hosting company. probably because you just need to evolve or you need a better location. the decision isn't permanent.

Oh and by the way... I don't pick companies or anything based on green blabla. For me that's a load of crap. In my country (Portugal) we have a bunch of talk like that and it's usually just a bunch of crap that cannot be proved. I strongly try to avoid companies that make advertise on things they cannot prove. It just sounds like a scheme.

I am sorry about the thing about USA companies. They started it but it's now a scheme used worldwide by companies that aren't targetting tech people. They just target people that want to have some online presence and try to rip them off as hard as they can.

I've used them, I wasn't super impressed. They try to nickel and dime you... and "own" your domain....

@Ivo Miranda
I use KnownHost for my VPS (https://www.knownhost.com/managed-vps-hosting.html). You have many choices, but they do have a Managed VPS, with WHM and CPanel... Any troubles I've ever had they were on the spot to fix it or get me pointed in the right direction.

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