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[split] Modules Supported?

I've inherited a project implementing CI3, and found one of the frustrating limitations to be that I couldn't call controller methods from a different controller.  On first thought this might sound like a bad idea, however the DRY principle promotes the idea that you delegate responsibility to a piece of functionality to a single method or class.  I overcame the problems by implementing Wiredesignz' HMVC, which has proven invaluable in both achieving the above objective but also in introducing modules, and in separating/encapsulating the architecture of features and producing standalone generic features that can be re-used anywhere with a call to a module controller method, and ringfencing models with code based in the same module to avoid implementing models outside of a native module class/method.  This has proved invaluable in terms of code organization and reduction.

Will CI4 support modules?  I know that you are enabling the use of namespaces, but will this translate into the ability for controller-methods to be called from other controllers, and for controller-methods (serving view partials) to be called from views?

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