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Hours spent on computer?

9-10 hours per day. I try to avoid the computer as much as possible on the weekends. Smile

10 hours per day. I love computer.

I spend from about 8 - 12 hours some times less were on rual farm land it depends what needs to be done outside.

I do most of my web development work in after noon and at night
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Far too many I'd say. Between work and researching and learning new things. Easily 14-18 hours a day most likely. Maybe a little less on the weekends but no total break. Sad
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A regular (week)day starts at 9-17 at the office. Then I go home, have dinner and spend some time with the kids. When they are in bed I normally spend another 2-3 hours. In the weekends I try to keep it to a minimal, at least during daytime.

Before I had kids I spend a lot more time behind the computer :-P

More than 12 hours per day, it's hard to live without computer..

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Ha. After a day in the office (on the computer of course) I just spent 4 hours working out how to get my jquery sortable, draggable and connected to a droppable. Turns out it was working all the time but I had not set the tolerance so the draggable from the sortable was never 50% inside the droppable (the default setting) but a "tolerance": "pointer" fixed it - the joy of jquery :-(

Happy I am going to be ready for another day in the office!

If I am not working at a computer, or hobbying at it, I am playing battlefield on my ps4 computer :-)

If I could, I would happily be a battery in the matrix! Or a cyborg. Cannot wait for subdermal plugins - bring it on!!!!

PS I wonder what framework the Matrix was coded on?
PPS Ever wondered if Google will be renamed Skynet in the future? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(Terminator) Link for those too young to appreciate the super intelligent hive mind of skynet.

Around 10 hours for meSad

Ha, I'm way different. I used to work very long days, now I have a flexible contract for 120 hours a month and I pick up small side projects a few times a year and that's all I need (so roughly 100 to 140 hours a month). I game a little more on the computer (roughly 12 to 15 hours a week). I moved to the mountains and I'm spending more and more time outside these days (also, growing fruit trees/bushes and managing my small forest on my land)

I used to code in my free time (actually had a business around extensions for Dreamweaver) - but then pirates stole all my stuff and broadcast it out for everyone to download for free (had 30+ free modules and 8 commercial at the time) and I stopped caring to write code without immediately being paid and only when paid.

I about 14-16 hours at day, in weekend less.
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