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CacheInterface In view cell


I am trying to understand how view_cell work. I am reading view_cell doc guide and then check CI system. but I do not understand properly that how the interface can create an object?

File : System/view/cell.php

class Cell
     * Instance of the current Cache Instance
     * @var CacheInterface
    protected $cache;


    public function __construct(CacheInterface $cache)
        $this->cache = $cache;

Can anyone explain in details how cell construct work?

That simply means that the constructor will accept any class that implements CacheInterface. So, you couldn't pass the actual interface to it and expect it to do anything, but you could pass either Cache\FileHandler or Cache\RedisHandler class if they both implemented that interface.

view_cell basically common function that called from common.php file.
PHP Code:
// file : common.php

function view_cell(string $library$params nullint $ttl 0string $cacheName null)

in above function, Services called view cell. basically, I need to understand from start to end this function flow.

Well, which parts do you not understand? You should be able to follow the code through the paths relatively easily. If there's language constructs you're not familiar with that's one thing.

Basically, the view_cell function calls the Config\Services method, viewcell(), which returns an instance of the CodeIgniter\View\Cell class. Within the services function, it passes it an instance of whatever the currently configured Cache engine is.

The relevant methods you're probably getting confused by are:

- Services::cache
- Services::viewcell
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Thanks for your help, now I understand.

Thanks for your efforts.

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