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Do you have a hobby?

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I am currently working on my website. He is like my child. I'm really working hard and I want to come somewhere.
I would be glad if you could help me with this. My only hobby while dealing with my site is drinking coffee. How do you think I am?

I like watching movies, fishing, collecting coins, nail art and playing video games.


I play jazz guitar. Mostly on a nylon string classical guitar these days and mostly without a band since I can't seem to find one here in Wilmington DE.
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

I like reading and taking care of my dog Sam

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Someone much younger than me remarked I had several hobbies and it made me ponder. I suppose I'm a little compulsive myself and I can't do things half-way. I was an adult long enough to know that there are thousands of ways to live this life. Biking is my passion and I learnt so many thinks from dirtbikeadvisor.
Hobby – a regular activity in your own free time to enjoy.

Mostly i reading fantasy books



bike-backpacking, cooking, sometimes reading, and ... thinking ;-)


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I do the layout of websites. Apart from that, I also do a bit of writing. It's more of an experiment so far, but mostly I'm learning how to combine my writing and design skills. It's probably more about composition. I've just switched to MacOS and haven't figured out the paid programs yet. I'm not saving my notes in icloud for some reason and have to use letterhead templates *spam link removed*. Do you know why this is the case?

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