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How many pets do you own?

Now I have just a cat (a Scottish Fold), and I'd also like to get a big dog, like a labrador, but the size of my apartment doesn't allow me it at the present moment.
Moreover, I like exotic pets like iguanas or bats; one friend of mine is crazy about lizards, and he has such one. A real dinosaur Smile


in my home there's 2 cats,
i dont own them,
they own me.

I have 1 dog, His name is Tommy, Whenever I come home from work he start jumping and spinning his tail like he was welcoming me. He also like to go on the walk and playing game like catch the ball, running etc

One dog and one cat.
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

Hello, have a good time
I have two dogs and they are really lovely, they are waiting for me every time I come home

I have 2 dogs, both Yorkies. They crack me up. One is so quiet and loving the other one is just completely off the wall every day. It's cool how animals have their own personalities.

two...a lab and german shepherd...love them to the core

I have one cat. And I'm lucky to have her in our home. I am personally very happy with her and I like her wildly. She is the most loving animal.

i had a cat when i was 14. I'm 24 now and i have 6 cats now. All are here grand-grand-grand-grand children. I love them all.


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