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Is it just me or am I the only one not using it? I really hate it.

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I do not use it unless I have to.
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I don't hate it.

I wouldn't say I hate it because I sometimes use it. I use Kenjis fantastic CI Twig package. I also find Omnipay, PHPleague's CSV and Dompdf to be very useful.

Having said that, I do find that Composer can introduce a lot of bloat and gets away from the small footprint I love about CI.

I hate it too. But if people thinks it is useful and comfortable with it, so be it.

People likes to says things like: "why not using this, why not using that", "that is popular, this is trending...". Sometimes it make me feels so insecure and nervous about my choice of coding.

But only after I research about that myself, I could say "It's good, I will use it" or "Nah, f*ck that sh*t, it just make things complicate in unneeded way".

Keep it simple, keep it real. Make it works first, optimize it later (soon before you forget it Tongue )

Before i took the time to read up on it, i hated it.
Now that i'm a bit more familiar with it, i'm happy to use it whenever i need to.

Compared to so many other things, composer usage is easy. There are some things to learn about it that will make you more comfortable using it, but even today I had an issue that I could not overcome. The truth is, if you want to be a modern PHP dev, you use it. You might as well learn to like it.

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Here's my issues...

Firstly is it requires knowing what seems to me archaic command line commands, something you have to google to get right. Seems counter intuitive to me.

Second, it pulls in the latest dependencies and everything else along with it. To me this is bloat and something you might not want or have to manually remove.

Third, I really don't believe in the model. To me it encourages fragmentation and this is my biggest gripe by far!

From the docs it says you can use a bit from symphony, use a bit from laravel, use a bit from <some other php package> No! I don't like working like this. I just really want one install, I don't want have to manually add a repos on the fly. (OK I get that if you release a package that requires something else it might have a vulnerability that would have been patched if you were using composer)

These are just my opinions of course, and probably somewhat flawed seeing as I've never installed composer or used it ever.
Practical guide to IgnitedCMS - Book coming soon, www.ignitedcms.com


"... I've never installed composer or used it ever."

And you already have got three issues? And hate? Where they came from?

I can't stand composer, but I recognize it's importance in the industry. I'm gonna have to get around to liking it one day probably.

The main thing I have against it is that every time I try to use it I run into problems. Certain dependencies not installed, or I installed composer in the wrong location, or I installed it globally by accident, or I can't figure out how to add the composer stuff to my $PATH.

Looking at all that, I think the biggest issue I have with it is the documentation. Some of it's good, but lots of it is super flaky and less than helpful.

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