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Will we have an alternative for "middleware" in CodeIgniter4?

Since CI is just PHP, you have the option to write your own tools (recommended) or adapt PHP code from other sources to fit your needs (assuming it is free of copyright or for which you have legal permission to use).

I'm not saying "you're on your own" but I want to emphasize the freedom which the CI framework gives you. You are NOT required or limited by pre-written "middleware" which may be bundled with other frameworks. CI is deliberately written to be extensible and NOT bloated with many tools, most of which you may never need or use.

There are abundant resources offered by other CI developers of which you should take advantage.

Reading this forum, you will see many examples of the various tools. There are also a number of books (a HUGE number) on basic PHP and CI coding.

When you get to the point of having specific question on a particular tool, DO feel welcome to post your code and question in this forum. We have some very knowledgeable and patient people who will offer assistance. Please ignore the trolls, they seldom last very long when ignored.
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