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A Simple Forum Software built on CI4

(07-15-2017, 12:38 AM)Paradinight Wrote:
(07-15-2017, 12:25 AM)ranjithsiji Wrote: What about adapting some features of Flarum. http://flarum.org/ . I love the UI and the features.

Simple Forum should only add the basic features. It is a example project not a real big project.

I had forgotten about Flarum. It's quite similar in concept to the others in main features it seems. However, as Paradinight states, this is primarily an example project, not a full blown project. I don't have time for another large open source project at the moment. Basically, after almost 2 years of working on CI4, I needed to finally scratch the itch and build a project Smile


Please keep scratching that itch, we need some good examples.
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Yes that was not a big project. But it is a modern. May be we can adapt some features. Good examples are always needed.
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Small question
This model is created instance of UserModel()
and here

I do not criticize. I just want to understand. It is because of the fact that they are used with a different way.

Thank you, sorry for my english

phpforever2017 no worries. Most likely because it's still under development and not massively optimized Smile They are both used separately, and don't have usage that would conflict with the other. To optimize, though, we'd probably want someplace that created the user model and made it available to both of those locations. This could be most easily done as a "service" that cached the instance and passed it along.

Most of the time I would create that model and pass it along to any libraries that need it, but the Auth libs are used prior to the controller. Might take a look at a bit of refactoring, though, now that you've pointed it out to me Smile

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So there will be a semi-official CI4 ORM eventually? Big Grin

(08-29-2017, 09:00 PM)orionstar Wrote: So there will be a semi-official CI4 ORM eventually? Big Grin

That's just me playing around. That's all I'll commit to for now Smile

Why don't to take some feature from AnswerCart(https://www.answercart.com). They help companies build modern, intuitive & elegant community forums on their website.

They have reimagined how community forums should look like & have included some really cool features like personalized home pages, advance editor, gamification, multi-channel notifications, user-driven moderations, auto-answer APIs, auto-distribution APIs, etc.

I remember writing a simple forum app a few years back. Initially, I didn't plan much for it, users, user permission, post content in rich text area, add attachments, private mailing, banning, ip blocks, moderator over rides etc.

Of course it ballooned to something huge and time consuming. I'm still not sure if it was worth the hassle.
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