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Active tab or menu

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why is it when i select one tab even the other gets highlighted like it is in the image attached.
I mean I've five menu/tabs;
Fee type
Expense Type
Payment History
but when i select "Expense Type" and gets highlighted even "Expense" get highlighted the same case applies to "Expense"
I've tried to go through that problem but I've failed, any suggestion please.

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Without any code we could only guess

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If you're using ajax, you can use javascript to set a current tab to have a class.

Using php, you can use a conditional statement to check a url for a tab that needs to be highlighted. For example

<ul class="list-inline">
 <li class="<?= is_current_url(current_url()) ? 'active' : '' ?>">
    my tab one

 <li class="<?= is_current_url(current_url()) ? 'active' : '' ?>">
    my tab two

You'll have to write the is_current_url() function, but that should work for you.

I would recommend using both javascript and the php method so your tabs work regardless of whether or not you're using Ajax
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Maybe expense type and expense share the same tab ID.
But without any code this is pure guess work.
On the package it said needs Windows 7 or better. So I installed Linux.

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