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Adding multiple variables to calendar days

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From the documentation

PHP Code:

$data = array(
       3  => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/06/03/',
       7  => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/06/07/',
       13 => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/06/13/',
       26 => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/06/26/'


Quote:Using the above example, day numbers 3, 7, 13, and 26 will become links pointing to the URLs you’ve provided.

You will need to pass a data array that holds an url for each day of a given month

This function will generate an array containing the number of days for each month of a passed in year.
If you don't pass in a year the current year is used
PHP Code:
function days_per_month($year '')
   $year = empty($year) ? date("Y"time()) : $year;
($month 1$month <= 12$month++)
       $days_per_month[$month] = date("t"mktime(000$month1$year) );


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