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CodeIgniter bests should stay as they are vs Laravel

(This post was last modified: 09-03-2017, 01:05 AM by krystian2160.)

First I learnt CodeIgniter, built project on it.
Then took Laravel for studying, built another project on Laravel this time.

I just wanna share my thoughts about CodeIgniter vs Laravel, especially CodeIgniter's bests which should stay where they are of course!

In my opinion CodeIgniter is especially good for smaller projects, especially because setting up everything to start work is so quick and easy, and many things can be done so fast

Laravel is better here in wider perspective, bigger app. Workflow in laravel is many times faster - but in my opinion only if it is something bigger. For smaller projects CodeIgniter is blazing fast to develop with.
Laravel is faster in development - That's right. But CodeIgniters Is Fast Too!  Blush

And next thing, Speed, literally speed. Laravel is soooooo sloooowwww comparing to CodeIgniter. Ugh god, really, SO SLOW! Big Grin

I think that's the best benefit of CodeIgniter here. And it should never change, along with my mentioned ease of use.

The "Configuration by convention" works so damn good, I like it very much here. All of these things about setting CodeIgniter and editing configs.

Easy to download, easy to set up, easy to work out with, AND Easy to understand!

This documentation is really good. Larave's isn't even half that good. Good job Big Grin !

I think, to me CodeIgniter is like Freedom.

Like you were a soldier working with PHP and CodeIgniter is your Support-Tank.

I like saying that "CodeIgniter is least as a framework and doesn't look like a regular framework at all"

It is really Freedom. Freedom with support consisting of Drivers, Librariers, Helpers, Metodology, Structure and so on...

+ talking about Freedom, I love this about including only what you need. Need a model only in here? Okay, load this.
Load this driver here, load this helper here. Okay, wanna everywhere? Let's load this here in constructor.
All this great support, like you wanna build something great and you use CodeIgniter's lego bricks to help you with all this work.

Plus it is so small, 2 MB, not much files. Even transfering it to pendrive comparing to Laravel's project is funny, faster faster and faster!

And another thing. Upgrade from one version to another? Oh god. Couldn't it be easier! In laravel's it can take hours and be really problematic.

And CI is like plug and play, you just download it, extract, change only 1-2 things and your Done. That's all.
For me it is plug and play. that much easy.

Query Builder.
For me, this one in Laravel comparing to CodeIgniter's one Sucks!. For real. :|

For me, CodeIgniters domain and bests:
  • Blazing fast app
  • Ease of use, setting up, configuring...
  • So small, 2 MB
  • Not much files
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Doesn't require composer.
  • Is like plug and play
  • Freedom with support
  • Lego bricks, load drivers,models,helpers, etc... Only these that you need and where you need!
  • Easy to understand
  • Awesome query builder
  • Documentation
  • Community
I could probably say many many more things here and points out.
But okay, that's it generally in my mind.

I pointed out many things, but these thins should never get changed.
And this things I mean by:
  • App Speed
  • Freedom
  • Easy of use
  • Documentation
That's the main force and power of this framework and should never get changed imo. Period.

But you know.
I love Laravel.
And I love CodeIgniter too.

They are great!

But you know.
Laravel is like god beast full-stack monster framework.  Fat, slow, big and hungry. Eating everything, taking all features, going to be Full-Stack big boss, aggresive one.   Angry


And CodeIgniter here is small, faaaassttttttttttttttttttttt like lightning, kind and shinny, Your little kind support mate that help you with all his might and gives you speed, simplicity and freedom!  Angel

etc etc

I love them both.
You know CodeIgniter, You know Laravel, if youre smart you know, you see the difference. You pick this one for this project and that one for that project. See benefits of this and that.

I love them both, as with everything - always bad sides and good sides. It's just best and wise to know each of these and fully understand, pick right one for right job. They are just tools Big Grin.

CI like shy little kind brother and Laravel like Fat mad big bro  Big Grin .

Goind to the end, I just wanna point again the core in my message here Big Grin
  • App Speed
  • Freedom
  • Easy of use
  • Documentation
Should Never Change

Know them Both,
Understand them Both,
Love them Both,
They deserve it,

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