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CodeIgniter bests should stay as they are vs Laravel

I hate all this stuff. It is like saying sharks are better than whales. Really? On what basis.

"Whales are really really big"
"Sharks have sharper teeth"
"Whales are a lovely blue"
"Sharks have sexy fins"

What difference does it possibly make. If you find yourself working on a whale farm, learn about whales. If you are working in a shark shop, learn about sharks. If you love the ocean, learn about sharks and whales. When you get a chance to choose a pet, choose whatever you prefer.

Perhaps I should have used an analogy with apples and oranges. Or Fords and Toyotas, or Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Really, who cares who or what you prefer.

CI is not in competition with Laravel. They are both frameworks, but have very different approaches. Neither is evil, neither is right, neither it correct. Personally, I love CI. Who you love is up to you.


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RE: CodeIgniter bests should stay as they are vs Laravel - by PaulD - 09-07-2017, 11:06 AM

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