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CodeIgniter bests should stay as they are vs Laravel

(09-07-2017, 01:46 PM)krystian2160 Wrote: There is no need to be a bit weird.

Just don't be closed to this or that, to new things and so on.

And for me it isn't like whale or shark.
Toyota or Ford.

It is something else.

You can love both, nothing weird here. There is passion in this, not weirdness.

Of course not. I was clearly joking.

If CI collapsed tomorrow in a terrible heap of controversy, bad practice and security flaws we would all still continue coding.

I still recall with fondness the open source project Etomite that had a community I liked very much, spent all my time working with Etomite and on Etomite and in the forums. When the lead developer got sick and gave up the only real fork was ModX, which I hated but has since gone from strength to strength. Etomite disappeared and although I moved to another CMS I was already itching to move beyond the CMS constraints. Even then there were people saying 'ModX vs Etomite, which is best' etc and that was a closely related fork. As I said before, who cares. Use what you want or is right for you or a particular circumstance.

And of course, love is not a zero sum game. You can love many things equally but differently and at the same time. As the great Billy Bragg once sang "Just because you're going forward doesn't mean I'm going backward."


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