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CodeIgniter bests should stay as they are vs Laravel

(This post was last modified: 09-08-2017, 11:44 AM by krystian2160.)

rtenny, "Eloquent" doesn't have to mean something with class, programming. But for me it has something towards functionality.

You know, programming would be more boring without it.

Colors in IDE isn't only for readability, we all like them too, and they bring many positives.

With ;Eloquent; or ;Blade; is the same.

Plus Eloquent is great name for me.

For me, it truly describes this system. You know, Coca-Cola, what the hell? This should be named black water, or BlackH20! Not Coca-Cola.

Eloquent? What? It should be like ORM-Model, not Eloquent!.

Bad way.

This is ORM system, and author named it Eloquent. And I think this is great name. Because this system is beautiful for me, and name "Eloquent" fits.

And read it. Try to type it. "Eloquent". Look at this. This is just beautiful name for beautiful system. Working with "Eloquent" is more fun and elegant than working with "ORM-SystemLaravel" :c . Just you know.

Eloquent is good as hell name for this system I think.

Plus as I said, it means something with functionality. It fits, because this system Is Really Eloquent, but in a metaphor

There is passion in it. And this name is burning with passion too!

And it makes my programming better and funier, more elegant, and Eloquent! Wink.

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