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New to COdeIgniter

Hey guys,

This is my second year learning Application Development and I am actually really doing great. But this year my whole class needs an internship. I have an internship at a company where they work with CodeIgniter. When I first heard it I didn't what it was. I've been working with just raw PHP and sometimes laraval but CodeIgniter? Never.

My first project at this company is to make a really complex online management tool.
What can I expect? Is it difficult? 




Not at all. It has a very shallow learning curve and the documentation is fantastic. But like all projects, you will probably struggle with the logic of the app rather than the complexities of CI. Spend a weekend with a fresh install and the documentation and build yourself a simple app covering the basics (a blog is often a good start and is in the tutorial).

As for your project, functional design, database design, look and feel, then plough into the fun stuff. Would love to hear your thoughts about it after you have got into it.

Of course your company may have already created chaos, or complexity beyond need with whatever it is you have to interact with. Either way, CI itself is a breeze. Be aware though that because CI does not tell you how to work, it is easy to create a mess with it if you have not planned out what you are trying to achieve first. I suppose that goes for all frameworks though.

Good luck


For me, a complex project can be split to smaller modules to solve with and you can start by prototyping it.
You need to identify components that will be interwoven in your business domain.

You may find that it is more challenging to cope with business logic changes than writing the code itself but allow
yourself to adapt those changes quickly.

The boss will evaluate on progress and I like this humble advice 'non technical people wants visual'. That means you need to show them visually. A schematic diagram with tables, a mockup app site, roadmap e.t.c then adapt your way of development
I prefer TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT (TDD) and so far it hasnt failed me.

I enjoy building app from ground up and in fact I dont ever think there is a project that is too big to handle!


Thanks guys!

CodeIgniter is very framework, you can learn CodeIgniter in 6-7 days.
Also you can easily develop large website in CodeIgniter.
Firstly start the reading of CI documentation and try to install fresh project in local system and understand basic things.

so php. much mvc. very framework. wow. Big Grin

(01-16-2018, 11:05 AM)Narf Wrote: so php. much mvc. very framework. wow. Big Grin

doge meme? Big Grin


(01-16-2018, 11:19 AM)Paradinight Wrote:
(01-16-2018, 11:05 AM)Narf Wrote: so php. much mvc. very framework. wow. Big Grin

doge meme? Big Grin


Yep, couldn't resist it. Smile

CodeIgniter is very light framework.You can learn from easily from youtube videos or ebooks.
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