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Why email inbox to spam using codeigniter

why when I send messages always go into spam, using codeigniter, please enlighten the masters, thanks

Are you sending using 'mail' setting as your protocol in the preferences for the Send Mail library. If so that uses native php mail commands and these are identified as originating from a program and as such often get labelled as junk. The best way to avoid being labelled 'junk' is to use the SMTP settings so that, for instance, the email appears to come from a valid email address.

Even that might not stop you going in the junk folder though. There are lots of reasons why this happens. Even now I still add the 'Please check your junk folder just in case' type message to users on the screen when I send them an email.

Spam filters are third party responsibility and as such your job is to send valid, non spammy, opted in emails only to people that have requested them. The third parties job is to filter those emails to identify all the junk. There is not much you can do about their rules but you can make sure you have a trusted domain (white listing), do not appear on black lists (black listing), that your email is formatted correctly (headers, text length, content etc), the list goes on.

If you google about it you will see it is an entire industry at this point, getting through spam filters. That is why email companies like mail chimp are so strict about where you got your email lists from, and any abuse whatsoever results in suspensions or bans. They do not want their mail servers or domains compromised in any way.

Hope that helps,


PS At least your emails are actually being sent so CI has done it's part of the job :-)

Did you seup SPF records in the DNS?

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