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2 user login in 1 codeigniter

Hello, good afternoon. I am new member here, I want to ask related framework. how do i make 2 login user in one codeIgniter? or is there another way to make 2 user login in create a website in Sublime Text 3? please help yaa all, thank you.

Not sure what you mean... sorry.

Do you mean you want two login methods, or a login method for two users?

If the former, you can easily create a login controller/library/model that detects which login method the person has selected (and by detected I mean you send a code in a hidden post field on each login screen) or you have two login methods that each set the same authorisation code, that your authorisation function (like 'check_user_logged_in()' method) can read. Or you have your check_user method check two settings (such as two different cookies) to see if they pass the logged_in check.

If the latter, then that is the same as any auth system, it is just that you only have two user accounts.

Not sure that was any help,


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