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few libraries

(11-09-2017, 09:50 AM)PaulD Wrote:
(11-09-2017, 09:27 AM)pwapp Wrote: suppose that we want :
in CI we can write :
but maybe some developers prefer :
how developers agreed on "get" and not "fetch"
but they can't agree on a standardized "auth" library ?

Well, if you do not mind me saying, your analogy is a bit silly. One is purely a syntax, the other is a complete methodology and approach to authorisation and authentication. To equate the two is to say that since two people agree the sky is 'blue' then they should also agree on where to go on holiday. One is a syntax for the colour we perceive when we look at the sky, the other is based on many human factors like interests, budget, desires and experiences.

Your auth system might require an email address, mine might not. Yours might require a user name, mine might not. Yours might give access to financial information, mine might simply be to post a comment. Yours might need admin permissions, mine might not. Yours might need access level permissions, groups or monthly payments, mine might not. Yours might need API access and secret keys, mine might not.

To build any complex system like an 'authorisation' library requires decisions to be made about how the system will function. Any decision like that is arbitrary, in that I might not agree with you.

CI gives you the tools to build any auth system you choose, or use any that has been released for CI by generous coders.

In fairness I used to agree CI needed an auth system, but the issues having been explained many times on here, persuaded me that it would be an error to include one. If you had a house building toolkit you would not expect it to include a boiler. The boiler you build into your house is up to you.

Earlier you said
Quote:everybody that wants to choose a framework, searches for framework comparison tables and he sees that for example CI doesn't have auth library or REST library etc.
so he doesn't choose CI

Can you not see this is full of assumptions on your part that are simply not true. I have never chosen a framework based on comparison tables. I have never chosen a framework based on if it had a REST library. I have never chosen a framework for an auth library. So what you meant to say is 'some people' and not 'everybody'. And yes, some people choose a framework like wordpress. Good for them, but not for me. Some people choose a CMS rather than a framework, again good for them, but almost never for me. I could equally say that 'everybody chooses a framework based on what CNET reviews say'. I would be as wrong as you are if I did.

If having an out of the box solution for authorisation and authentication is really crucial to you, and reading about, selecting and installing any of the excellent auth libraries for CI is too much trouble, then perhaps it is true that CI is not for you. No single framework can ever accommodate every coders needs and requirements. This does not mean CI is worse than whatever alternative you choose, just that CI was not right for you with this particular set of requirements you had at this particular time.


thanks for your answer but excuse me it doesn't satisfy me and many other people that think like me
I just wanted to help
good luck !

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