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Round brackets issue in Codeigniter

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I am working on Codeigniter project, I need to migrate whole database MySQL to SQL server, for that I am getting an issue in select query, I can see in SQL server round brackets are not supported around the table name, here is my Codeigniter query

This select query generates below query

SELECT * FROM (tb_card) WHERE company_id = 27

You can see there are round brackets around the table name, I want to remove this, can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

Thank you

And what do get doing it this way?

PHP Code:
$this->db->_protect_identifiers false;

$query $this->db->where('company_id'$this->company_idFALSE)

Do you get the same output?

If so you could use the database query method and build your own sql select statement.
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The issue you are facing is because the Codeigniter query builder is adding round brackets around the table name by default. To prevent this, you can set the "_protect_identifiers" property to false before running the query. Additionally, you can pass "false" as the second parameter to the "from()" method to prevent the table name from being enclosed in brackets. The modified query would look like this:

$this->db->_protect_identifiers = false;
$this->db->select('*')->from('tb_card', false);
$this->db->where('company_id', $this->company_id, FALSE)->get()->row_array();

This should generate the correct query for MySQL and SQL Server.

But, yes if we compare it with the python you can find more similarities in it.

To remove the round brackets around the table name in your CodeIgniter query, modify your code by removing the get() method inside the where() method and adding the table name directly in the get() method. Here's the modified code:

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$this->db->_protect_identifiers = false;
$this->db->select('*')->from('tb_card', false);
$this->db->where('company_id', $this->company_id, false);

This will generate the query without the round brackets around the table name.

Thank you.

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