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CodeIgniter Skeleton
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Hello guys, I hope you're all doing fine.
As they say: "Knowledge is worth nothing if it is not shared." ... My CodeIgniter Skeleton worths nothing if it is not shared. I have been told to sell it, but I decided to "finally" shared it with you.
It is not a "perfect" tool, I worked on it for a long while and it must contain issues somewhere, after all, I am only human.

What is it?
It is a skeleton Smile .. Well, it gives you a head start when building applications using CodeIgniter, will lots of addons and enhancements. It contains:
• A ready to use user authentication module: register, login, logout, account activation, password recover and reset, account restore (few things are not yet complete and I really appreciate if you help me make them better).
• A ready to use dashboard, independent from public themes. It allows you to manage users, menus, medias, themes, plugins, languages and site settings.
• A fully functional hooks system using the same idea as WordPress. Simply implements your hooks (filters and actions) and let themes and plugins use them.
• A fully functional themes system where themes are independent from the application. You no longer need to add assets on your controllers, themes can do it... An more. Another cool thing, they can be translated and even override application lines if you want (see the default provided theme).
• A simple menus manager module where you can create menus and their items (links), then assign them to locations defined by themes.
• A little medias manager where you can upload and update your images (not 100% complete yet).
• Plugins system, yes! You can create plugins (not modules) and make them use hooks you define when developing your application (see provided dummy plugins for more details).
• Multilingual system: You can add as many languages as you want; users can define their languages; browser language detections...
• Site settings (obvious).

Before using it, you can test it! Check out the demo:
You can find this project on: GitHub

If you have any questions, suggestions or you want to contribute, you're most welcome.

Screenshots: https://postimg.org/gallery/1vo91toa8/

[Image: ci-skeleton-005.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-006.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-007.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-009.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-010.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-014.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-016.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-017.png] [Image: ci-skeleton-021.png]
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Very nice, thanks for sharing! I like the similarity to Wordpress concepts.

(03-26-2018, 08:47 PM)visualsol Wrote: Very nice, thanks for sharing!  I like the similarity to Wordpress concepts.

Thanks a lot. Indeed, it was developed to be as similar to WordPress as possible... More releases and updated are ahead.
Follow me on Github, you may find interesting things!

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