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Looking for Tips on how to introduce the tech/computer world to kids

Hey everybody,

I'm in college and I have a younger sister who's 10. She doesn't have a phone yet (our parents are kinda strict) but keeps asking me to teach her about the Internet/tech stuff. She's pretty young though and there are obviously lots of parts of the Internet where kids aren't safe, plus some tech stuff (especially coding) is too hard for kids. Basically, I'm wondering if any of you have experience with introducing kids to that world, and if you have some tips for me.

Appreciate it,

Based on your hockey preferences I guess you live in the Wisconsin area. There are a Raspberry Jams happening in Minneapolis and Detroit.
Some are more kids friendly then others: https://www.raspberrypi.org/jam/

Regarding programming, I would start with learning Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/

http://www.danenet.org/education/ (this one cost money)

+1 for Raspberry PIs. Kids get experience with Linux, Python, hardware, and get to make a lot of really cool stuff. Hardware is mostly pretty cheap too.

Thanks for your help, jreklund and skunkbad! I'll definitely check out Raspberry Pi/Raspberry Jams. I think she'll love that.

On a more basic internet use note, I found this article that talks about some search engines for kids: https://www.1and1.co.uk/digitalguide/onl...-for-kids/

It sounds like KidRex and Kiddle are good if you trust Google's safety search filters, and ones like Kid's Search and Safe Search Kids are better if you want to take it even more safe. Do you two (or anyone else) have experience with any of these search engines? Would love to know if anyone recommends any in particular

I will advice you to spend some time with your sister as she is too young and new to the world of internet. As concern as your worries you can block sites in your browser and there are softwares available on net for this purpose.

Try to keep her away from Social Media Sites for some time and make her aware of other parts of the Internet.

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