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Looking for hoster. Any pos/neg feedback re: BlueHost

Well, a lot to report now. HostGator didn't work out. Their tech support (at night) was super hlepful in helping me get my app up and going but then the next day they decided they needed to up sell me to give me anymore support. So I got a refund (the first year refund hasn't hit my cc account yet, but it will) and I then went over KnownHost. Same thing, I got some good support at first (I figured out that may app wasn't running because they were running PHP 7.2 while I was running 6.8) but am still having trouble getting my communication through the security wall. I got a response (not from tech support but from a technical sales person as far as I could tell) that I should move to a dedicated server, but they really don't know a technical or business reason why.

"If you had a VPS/Dedicated server, we would be doing the following --


However, it doesn't differ much from the shared services, the only difference is that you would have more to worry about the whole server in terms of maintaining than vs a shared server where all you have to handle is your cPanel account."

So I will cancel my KnownHost account today. It wasn't a total loss because my CI app is up and going (once i figured out the version thing and an extra blank space in a few of my CI scripts) so I know I can get that part working.

What I really need is a hoster with SUPPORT. I need support getting my app implemented on a public server. It already works fine on my local windows based Apache. BTW, I am willing to pay for this level of support. Can anyone recommend a hoster that has "implementation support"? The techSupport people at KnownHost think I am asking for application support. They have no idea how much effort it took to write my application!

In trying to see the "positive side" of my experience it is better to find out the lack of support prior to actually having customers using the system.

Can anyone think of a hoster who REALLY offers support?
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