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Re-entrancy and files based sessions

I am using file based (default) sessions. I am a little concerned about re-entrance. My program actually has two doors to get in. The first is a regular old CI app entrance where a user logs in via community auth (I am working on this login).

The second way in is via xhr. A user ( different user than the ones who logged in via community auth), sends a message to a different controller, which then fiddles with some of the same tables, logs some data, and goes away.

I am slightly worried about re-entrancy.  Can I assume that each user (the logged in one,and the xhr one) will cause separate sessions. Also, do I need to close the session in the xhr manually? I am not manually cleaning up the sessions.
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Php sessions allow for a single session per browser. Community Auth only stores it’s Auth identifier in the session.

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