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Using {unwrap} with emails and Template Parser


I am using the Template Parser to prep email content. It has been working great, but there's now something I'm trying to do that I can't figure out.

Part of the content I need to send are long URLs (over 76 chars) that I don't want to break by word wrapping. So I'd like to use the little Overriding Word Wrapping trick allowed by the Email class, to "Place the item you do not want word-wrapped between: {unwrap} {/unwrap}".

The problem is that the Template Parser also uses braces for its variable content. So, whether I pass the {unwrap} tags in as content, or include them in the template files, the Parser class is removing those tags as literals.

I also tried escaping the braces with backslashes, which gets them passed through the Parser OK, but then the Email class also passes them through, and the email gets sent with the literal "{unwrap}" strings intact.

Am I missing something here, or am I going to have to get ugly with running `str_replace` after the Parser?

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