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LTS - CI 3 -- how long will it be supported/maintained ?

(06-19-2018, 01:47 AM)rangka.kacang Wrote: should be more community-oriented project so it can grow fast like L.

(06-19-2018, 06:52 AM)ciadmin Wrote: @rangka.kaceng Your last point doesn't make sense to me.

Rangka, assuming L stands for Laravel?

So when you mentioned PR, I think what you meant was why no-one is constantly promoting CodeIgniter like a product (like Laravel)?

Laravel and CodeIgniter are built for two very different reasons.

Guys behind Laravel make money with related products / help portal etc, so they are more incentivised to keep adding to their free framework.

BCIT probably only gets a bit street-cred and Lonnie of course will benefit from being Number One CI4 expert, but other than that, he does need to do "paid" work somewhere too.

I feel CI may suffer image problem a little bit, usually described as very simple not so modern (no namespacing) PHP framework that doesn't have many built in features, so it's ok for some amateur to easily pick up, but "real" developers should be using Laravel.

And that does the framework discredit IMHO - the best thing about CI is that it's faster than other PHP framework and it doesn't get in the way, you have much greater control of how your product is built and find solutions to specific problems to my app, not force the use of generic solution that makes it quick to build with, but you never really get exactly what you want.

I'm sure there will be a more buzz around CI4 when it's officially released, and hopefully it'll re-emerge as more professional framework again, easing peoples minds that they are definitely not choosing old redundant technology.

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RE: LTS - CI 3 -- how long will it be supported/maintained ? - by Pertti - 06-19-2018, 08:27 AM

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