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(06-29-2018, 11:27 AM)falko Wrote: Why do not you create a donation page on the official CodeIgniter website?

I've always wondered why you did not do it.

You do not need to force anyone but simply leaving a page on the official website encourages donations.

Example: https://www.linuxmint.com/donors.php

Yes, I agree with him. Many official website use this kind of donation page see one more example: https://winscp.net/eng/donate.php

A new video tutorial is up on Patreon for those Ignited insiders. It covers the new CLI tools available in CI4, why they came about, how to use each one, and how to make your own.

Not an insider, yet? You can join anytime Smile

A new, free post was just posted up on Patreon for anyone at all, Dependency Injection in CodeIgniter 4. This is another of the Basics series that I'm releasing free for everyone to help understand the basics of the framework, while we take deeper dives into the framework and creative ways to use it for the supporters.

Just to mention one good platfrom for donations : https://opencollective.com/
Best VPS Hosting : Digital Ocean

Another video up for Patreon for Ignited insiders. This massive video (1 hour!) is part one of two for setting up a basic blog system. It touches on the following CI4 topics:

- migrations
- models
- entities
- routes/route groups
- controllers
- validations
- views

and maybe some other stuff I can't think of right now. This video starts from scratch (installing), gets the data model setup, and allows us to create new posts. The next video will move flesh out editing, single page display, and using view cells to display a "Recent Posts" widget in the sidebar.

A new video up at Patreon today. Squeezing it in toward the last of the month due to crazy schedule at the day job, but I made it. Now I just have to get a written tutorial out in the next few days, and I will.

This is the second part of the Blog tutorial.

A new article up over at Patreon that covers some of the most important changes to routes, as I see it.

Just made the article in before the end of the month. Whew!

Next month, we'll start a series of articles on different aspects of authentication in your apps, using CI4-specific tools to make that happen, as well as covering some best-practices.

Another brand new article over at my Patreon kicking off a series on building a simple, but secure, authentication system for CI 4. Come and join us!

In this month's video I think we're going to play with the CurlRequest class to have some fun with kittens, unless I get a better idea in the next week....

Part 2 of our Building an Auth system is live over at my Patreon page. We cover using the tools in CI4, some you're familiar with from v3 and some brand new to v4, to get user registration up and running.

A new video was just posted for insiders over at my Patreon where we build a simple template engine on top of CodeIgniter 4's View class. This provides the ability to extend multiple layouts, and create sections that can be slotted back into the templates anywhere you need. Very simple, but very flexible.

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