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Is it CodeIgniter or not?

Hello everyone!

I'm here trying to decide whether I will use CodeIgniter for this project of mines or not... now I'm basing my project on another one that's not really mines, I know, not so original from me to say that, but let me explain, this web app, was developed in a mysterious framework that I don't know yet what it is, something that I have been trying to decipher for a while, this web app is a CMS and it has almost the same app structure of a CI 2.x/3.x app... let me show you what I mean:

this is from the web app I don't know:
[Image: bPS23Sx.png]

this is from straight of the codeigniter zip package:

[Image: Nv3px7r.png]

this is the 404 not found from a web app demo using CI:

[Image: jEDE1TY.png]

this is from the web app I'm onto:
[Image: pQbFpdy.png]

So what are your thoughts on this? is the app I'm after for made in CodeIgniter?

(don't ask me to check what does the actual source files contains (class names, requires, namespaces. etc., etc.) because I'm not allowed to see that.)

It sure looks like a CodeIgniter 3 app!

(09-04-2018, 02:45 PM)ciadmin Wrote: It sure looks like a CodeIgniter 3 app!

Awesome, yes, it must definitely be it!

Now the ultimate question is... How did they managed to customize it this far? e.g. their controllers, are named `controller.name.php` where `name` could be anything e.g. `shop; contact; user;` any idea how they did that?

If CodeIgniter allows us to customize our app structure and let us play with naming schemes, then this framework is really amazing ^^ for the fact it's a really flexible and versatile framework, give us true power and freedom!

What's in de system folder ?
If it's CodeIgniter (as it seems to be) there should be a file in folder core called CodeIgniter.php

If he checks the system folder he should see codeigniter.php

He can then check the version.
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