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Using CI in "blue-green" deployment

You know, you could have just said "rtfm", lol. Smile

But all joking aside, thank you for the link on the config CLASS. That part I didn't know, and that did lead to something (though it's something that just raises more questions about albertleao's post). It said, "To create an environment-specific configuration file, create or copy a configuration file in application/config/{ENVIRONMENT}/{FILENAME}.php". This page tells me a few things:

1. I wouldn't need to save my settings to something like $_SERVER, because I can just use this config class if I really need to access config data from my code (which I really don't see a need for). (like $this->config->item('whatever') instead of $_SERVER['whatever]).

2. I can have the things that change from development to production in folders for the different environments, and CI will load the ones that correspond to the current setting.

3. So I could just change the global ENVIRONMENT variable (not "an environment variable" in the OS sense) when deploying to production, and CI would load the right config files. I already do that anyway, so this could definitely work!

Is that what you were shooting for, albertleao?

PS: Thanks to all who posted here - I think I got what I was looking for. Smile

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