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remove header and footer for one partcular page in php codeigniter

I want to remove header and footer for one particular page (landing page from another resource)  in php codeigniter.

both header and footer display how to solve this?

I'll tell you how I do that, but there are more possibilities.
I have a MY_Controller in the application/core folder. https://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/g...controller

In this controller I have a method called render_page:

PHP Code:
protected function render_page($view,$data='',$template='default')
$this->load->view('templates/' $template '/header');
$this->load->view('templates/' $template '/footer'); 

In the views folder, I have a subfolder called templates, with this structure:

In all my controllers, I load the header and footer like this, with the default template:
PHP Code:

If I want to load a page with the special template:
PHP Code:

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