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Running a same query multiple times?

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Is it OK to run a single query multiple times?

In my profiler, it shows that I ran the same query about 5 times. That query came from my model named "Forms_model" with method name "get_content()"

Now this method Forms_model::get_content() called from different models 8 times minus 3 because it will only be called if the condition (in some part) is TRUE.

Maybe this is a bad practice so I need your advice. Thank you.

Obviously if you can do the same thing in one query it is better, but not always practical. I think it depends on your situation or application.
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If it's exact same query, you probably ought to try and reuse values. Dependency injection would work quite well for this, or you could implement internal caching just for that model method:

PHP Code:
private $_get_content_cache null;

public function 
    if (
is_null($this->_get_content_cache)) {
$q $this->db->get(...);
$this->_get_content_cache $q->result();


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Try to avoid running a query multiple times (for a single page/controller) it is not efficient. You definitely have options (such as the ones mentioned above) or session variables or flashdata variables or arrays with multiple variable values.

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To refresh the cache if I will use AJAX, I'll just add either a parameter from get_content($refresh = FALSE) method or a new function called refresh_content_cache()

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Another question guys.

I want to create a query that will select ALL the rows from a database table and put/cache the result to an array property (<- is this correct?).
Then when I need a specific row, instead of running the query, I'll just pull it out from that array (the keys would be the rowId).

Is this OK?  Huh

Let's say I have 2,000+ rows in my table. Is it bad to put all 2,000+ rows in a single variable/property?


This might be helpful... https://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/d...er-caching

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