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Update an existing app to a new version of CI

Good morning,

I have a couple web apps I've built with CI, and one of them uses a "-dev" version of CI (I thought I was downloading the stable release at the time, and that was well over a year ago).  So obviously, I need to update CI, or at the very least have my app use a production-ready/stable version.  How would I go about doing that?

Note that I don't have admin rights on this server, so I can't i.e. install Composer and go that route.  I've never used it before anyway (though I am definitely going to be learning, at home if nothing else, lol).

At this point, my best guess is to go on the development machine, upload the latest CI installation, and copy index.php and the "system" folder into the app's folder; obviously there may be some changes to index.php too, but those should be minimal.  everything in "application" (or just "app" in our case) is our code, so I think it would work... or am I way out in left field on that?  Thanks.

Just follow ALL upgrade guides from your version and up to the latest.

Oh cool, don't know how I didn't see this. Big Grin Thanks.

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