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[Solved] Session dont working - Class 'database' not found

(10-19-2018, 10:20 AM)NespiCMS Wrote:
(10-19-2018, 07:10 AM)happyape Wrote:
(10-19-2018, 01:26 AM)NespiCMS Wrote: Sorry, my mistake, this:
public $sessionDriver            = '\CodeIgniter\Session\Handlers\DatabaseHandler';

work fine, thanks a lot!

Hi how did you get it working? I get the same error "No database selected".
//public $sessionDriver            = 'CodeIgniter\Session\Handlers\FileHandler';
public $sessionDriver            = '\CodeIgniter\Session\Handlers\DatabaseHandler'; // I tried with or without backslash before Codeigniter.
public $sessionCookieName        = 'mysession';
public $sessionExpiration        = 7200;
//public $sessionSavePath          = WRITEPATH . 'session';
public $sessionSavePath          = 'ci_sessions';
public $sessionMatchIP           = false;
public $sessionTimeToUpdate      = 300;
public $sessionRegenerateDestroy = false;

I had a problem in another, are you sure that you have created a session table "ci_sessions" in your database?

Yes I did already and it was a different issue. Everything works fine now.

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