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[Done] Proposed Repositories Organization

(This post was last modified: 11-11-2018, 06:37 PM by jlp.)

One of the things we have been looking at is the structure of our repositories, to facilitate ongoing development, and to make it easier to install and use CodeIgniter4. The plan is to "promote" CodeIgniter4 to its own organization, i.e. github.com/codeigniter4/... instead of github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter4 etc, and to add some automatically built repos to make your life easier!

This sets the stage for the following repository transfers:

- bcit-ci/CodeIgniter4 moves to codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4 ... the repo transfer will be remapped automatically; this is where development continues to take place
- bcit-ci/CodeIgniter4-translations moves to codeigniter4/translations ... setting the stage for easier composer installs
- bcit-ci/CodeIgniter4-Standard moves to codeigniter4/coding-standards ... clarifying the intent of the repo

New repos, built by our release build script:

- codeigniter4/framework ... the production "build", with the user guide generated & in the docs folder; without the user guide source and the framework unit testing; this would be read-only, with changes to the main repo;
- codeigniter4/userguide ... release-specific versions of the user guide, which would then be accessible as codeigniter4.github.io/userguide; the "in-progress" version of the user guide would continue to be available at codeigniter4.github.io/CodeIgniter4; this would be read-only, with changes to the main repo
- codeigniter4/appstarter ... the app project starter; essentially starting application and public folders, with a composer dependency for codeigniter4/framework, and with all the paths properly mapped. The application & public folders inside nested framework folders would be informative only.

Contributors to the framework would continue to fork codeigniter4/codeigniter4, and submit GPG-signed PRs for contributions (in feature branches).

Developers would have several choices:
- download codeigniter4/framework ... zero-config, ready-to-roll; closest to the existing CI strategy; their responsibility to integrate new CI4 releases
- download codeigniter4/appstarter ... tailor the application & public folders to suit your purposes; composer update when there are new CI4 releases
- composer create-project from codeigniter4/appstarter ... automated version of the immediately above step

We plan to beef up the installation writeups in the user guide, elaborating on this, as well as describing how to incorporate translations or third party addins.

What do you think?
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